The Property

The Vineyards

The habitat of the vineyard cultivation in the Rias Baixas responds to a lowland pattern, at an altitude generally lower than 300 meters, near the sea and close to the lower reaches of the river courses.

Our vineyards are in lands very close to the sea and whose altitude is 225 meters. They are trellised in a system perfectly adapted to our area due to the high humidity, with mild temperatures and high rainfall well distributed throughout the year.

The property of Bodega Remesal consists of 13 hectares of vineyards, planted on soils with a mixture of alluvial gravel and decomposition of granite. 100% of the grape production comes from our own vineyards, some of them with more than 50 and 100 years.

Throughout the year, our technical department develops a careful work focused on the control of the vineyards with the aim of achieving the maximum quality of grapes at the time of harvest. These exhaustive controls are not only applied in all our vineyards, but also at every stage of the winemaking process, guaranteeing the highest quality of our products.

13 hectares
Type of soil
Alluvial, gravel, clays, shallow
Albariño, Loureira, Treixadura, Caiño Blanco
Soft temperatures, abundant rainfall

Municipality of Tui: 3 ha. of albariña grape.


Municipality of Tui: 1 ha. of albariña grape.


Municipality of Creciente: 7 ha. albariña grape.


Municipality of Ponteareas: 2 ha. albariña grape.



Predominant alluvial soils with gravels, quartz stones, clays and sands associated with in situ rocks of a very homogeneous nature, since 99% are of granitic origin and of a sandy-loam nature with very low pH (between 4,5 & 6). ) and with little depth. Soils that meet very good conditions for cultivation and drain the excess of water.


mild temperatures during all seasons, abundant rains that decrease in the summer season, and with sufficient hours of sunshine. Average temperature during winter 10º C. Small difference between day and night. The Spring is precocious and rainy. In Summer the precipitations are little frequent and little abundant.

Grape varieties

At Bodega Remesal we work 4 grape varieties: Albariña, with which we produce our Albariño wine Pedra Blanca and, on the other hand, Loureira, Treixadura and Caiño Blanco varieties, which we combine with Albariña grape to produce our new Rosal wine Pedra Lúa, with D.O. Rias Baixas.


Our address

Bodega Remesal SL., Lugar de Remesal, 5 Randufe, Tui (Pontevedra)